"Sprinter" Retreat 2018

March 23 - 25, 2018 | Please fill out this form and click submit.
About the Weekend

This is our 7th Annual “Sprinter” Retreat designed for middle and high school students to connect with God, each other, and the adult leaders. There will be times of Bible study, wild games, and worship. The theme this year is “Thirsty” from Matthew 5:6 and Psalm 42:2.

Eric Hauck is the Youth director at Chapel Hill Fellowship in Wichita, KS.
Eric has lived a life of both victory and defeat.  He is relatively new to official youth ministry, serving in that role for under two years.  Previously, the Lord took Eric on a wild and unexpected journey.  He’s literally traveled the world. He’s put over 40,000 miles on a motorcycle, hiked the Andes mountains, played cello at Carnegie Hall, fallen in pirana-infested Amazonian waters, recorded his original music, and toured with Christian musicians.
Your student does not want to miss this retreat. He has experienced the agony of death of close friends, family members, and a son. He has endured parental infidelity and the rejection of divorce and family estrangement. If you ask Eric what his life motto is, he would tell you this “I am nothing more and nothing less than a beloved child of the King – redeemed by the wounds of my Lord – and one of my greatest joys is sharing the HOPE that I have in JESUS with the next generation of believers.”
General Info on the Weekend

The “Sprinter” Retreat will be held at Camp Chetek Bible Camp in Chetek, WI. All meals, transportation, and lodging is included with the registration fees. We will meet at Alliance Church Friday, March 23rd at 3:30pm. We will return at 1:00pm Sunday, March 25th.
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Parent/Guardian Authorization

I hereby authorize my student to attend the ASM "Sprinter" Retreat. I understand that in the event of an accident or emergency, every effort will be made to contact me as soon as possible. If contact cannot be made, I authorize the respective director to give specific consent to any diagnosis, treatment, or hospital care deemed necessary by a duly licensed physician. I agree to release The Alliance Church of Menomonie from any liabilities involved, and allow them to use pictures and video of my child at this event in future promotional material. In the event disciplinary actions are necessary, I will be responsible for any cost incurred due to the actions of my child. I also realize that I may be contacted at any time to come and pick up my child as a disciplinary measure, if deemed appropriate by Pastor Kyle.

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If you have not turned in a health form, please contact the church office (machurch@machurch.net) to receive one.

The cost of the retreat covers all costs including meals, activities, lodging and transportation. The only other money the students will need is money for spending.

Registration is $75. Registration deadline is Wednesday, March 14th.


March 23 - 25, 2018
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